4 incredible sculptures on the RMCAD Campus

If you are an art student you may find yourself searching for inspiration in your surroundings. So as a college of art + design, RMCAD has all sorts of beautiful creations around its campus to get you inspired and motivated. It would be impossible to pick our favorites so instead, we limited our list to just a few of the incredible sculptures housed here on the RMCAD campus. 

  1. Daphne and Apollo by Matthew Harris, 2013

This sculpture by one of RMCAD’s fine arts faculty is a modern take on a classic tale. Harris said he was inspired by a 400-year-old sculpture of the same name by the artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini. With the help of Demiurge Harris took a more abstract route than Bernini,  though both depict the Greek god Apollo chasing after a young nymph named Daphne so relentlessly that she begged her father to turn her into a tree so that Apollo might finally leave her alone. This story of unrequited and possessive love is brought to life in the RMCAD sculpture garden just south of the Rotunda gallery.


  1. Society Tree by Jonney Koalenz, 2018

Koalenz is an alumnus who graduated from RMCAD in 2012 with a BFA in Fine Arts. His piece, Society Tree, is 22 feet tall and home to massive insects made of steel, aluminum, and bronze. Koalenz was very particular when selecting his materials for Society Tree because for each material he calculated the rate of oxidation “to coincide with the dialog intended for the audience to discover.” Needless to say we are all very excited to see how this piece ages. Also on display in the campus sculpture garden, this piece is the perfect photo op for bug lovers and art lovers alike. But don’t forget to stop and get a good look at the Dragonfly’s wings and you might learn a thing or two.

  1. As I Adapt by Amber dawn Cobb, 2014

A former RMCAD faculty member Cobb can make the tough, industrial materials of concrete and rebar into a soft and inviting bed. This sheetless mattress is a provocative piece of public art on display just east of the student parking lot, near the Texas building. This sculpture was made by forming a cast around a real-life mattress and box spring and then filling it with concrete, to watch a time-lapse of its creation click here. With such breathtaking and realistic detail, you could hardly be blamed for thinking it was the perfect spot for a cat nap, however, it might be about as comfortable to lay on as the sidewalk.

  1. The Dome by Bruce Price, 2003

Perhaps the most instantly recognizable piece on the RMCAD campus, the dome is prominently displayed on the quad in front of the Texas building. With the help of several students, the geodesic design was built by faculty member Bruce Price. The lattice shell-style dome was designed by Price to pay recognition to Drop City, a counter-culture artist collective created near Trinidad, Colorado in 1960. The collective built many geodesic dome structures on their 7-acre plot of land. These structures were used as both living spaces and studios for the artists who lived and worked there. Many Domes were even the byproduct of impressive recycling efforts built roofs of cars and other upcycled materials.

To learn more about the sculptures and other art installations around the RMCAD campus, schedule a tour here. 

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