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Newlywed alumni share their RMCAD experience

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we invited newlywed alumni couple, Dalton and Ashlyn, to share their experiences as graduates of RMCAD. From their first time on campus to walking the stage at graduation, these two artists are truly a perfect match.

1. Please tell me a little about yourself, including what you studied at RMCAD.
We both wanted to pursue creative fields of study in college and decided to go to RMCAD. Ashlyn is from Missouri and I am from Colorado. We both grew up and did a lot of art in high school (both of our parents still have our high school work hung in their houses). I studied Fine Arts with an emphasis on painting and Ashlyn studied Interior Design!

2. How did you two first meet?
We met in 2012 in our Composition class. We didn’t really talk in person but I sent her a Facebook message regarding an assignment in the class and we began talking and learning more about each other!

3. What is your favorite memory from your time at RMCAD?
Our favorite memory is getting ready for graduation. Ashlyn and I were graduating at the same time so we supported, helped move, and gave feedback to each other for the pieces we presented at our graduation exhibition. It was nice to work together as a creative couple and cross that milestone together.

4. What stood out about RMCAD when deciding where to attend college?
RMCAD had visited my high school and I knew from early on (maybe freshman year) that I wanted to attend school there. It felt like the right place to surround myself with other art students. Ashlyn was excited to study Interior Design in a new state where she could experience being in a city with other creatives.

5. How would you recommend students get involved on campus to meet others?
The main source for both of us to meet people was in class. The connections and friendships you make at school go beyond the classroom so when they blossom in a class you have together – it’s a bond that carries beyond graduation. I was also a Student Ambassador so I was able to meet so many people by putting myself out there at events held by the school!

6. What advice do you have for current or future RMCAD students?
Our advice is to be open and willing to try new things! The biggest shock we both had when going to RMCAD was being introduced to so many interesting artists, niche cultures, and artistic processes that it was daunting to learn and take it all in. However, being willing to try anything and everything that interests you will help you grow in your career. Ashlyn enjoys very process-oriented tasks which have helped her excel at her work and passions like baking, painting, and refurbishing furniture. I’ve branched out my artistic practices because if I saw someone using a certain material or technique – I had to try it.

To learn more about fine arts and interior design at RMCAD, check out our online and on-campus programs. We also recommend reading From intern to interior designer – RMCAD alumna lands dream job for additional alumni stories. Be sure to visit Career + Alumni Services for information on alumni opportunities.

*This story was updated and edited for clarity and brevity.


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