5 careers you can pursue with a degree in game art

5 careers you can pursue with a degree in game art

In 2023, there were a record three billion active video gamers worldwide. As the video game industry continues to grow, so does the demand for qualified animators, artists, and creatives to continue to produce entertaining and immersive gaming experiences. Whether you are looking to work at a major game development company or an independent studio, we compiled a list of a few of the many careers you can pursue with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMCAD.

1. 3D Modeler
3D modelers use computer software to render characters, objects, and other essential game assets. Modelers often work closely with the art department to make sure the game’s style and vision are portrayed accurately. According to Indeed, getting your bachelor’s degree in art and design is an important step in becoming a 3D modeler that should not be overlooked. Earning your BFA will give you the necessary tools to grow your portfolio, learn industry-leading 3D rendering software, as well as network with industry professionals.

2. Environment Designer
In today’s age of expansive AAA titles, games are only as good as the worlds they are designed in. Environment designers, also known as environment artists, work to create these worlds by building landscapes and levels that give a rewarding experience to the players exploring them. In addition to creating these vast landscapes, environment designers are responsible for conveying the mood and tone of the story through their designs.

3. Texture Artist
According to Ubisoft, texture artists make an immersive world come alive by creating and applying textures that give depth and dimension to everything within it. From shiny cars to hyperrealistic objects, texture artists have the important job of correctly styling assets. Typically, texture artists have an eye for detail, as even the smallest objects matter to players when exploring a gaming world.

4. Animator
A popular career in the gaming industry, animators bring characters and game environments to life through the incorporation of movement. With a degree in game art, students will learn techniques such as 3D modeling, character generation, and character rigging to effectively animate their scenes. A few skills and traits that animators tend to have are patience, a strong visual imagination, as well as the ability to use rendering software efficiently.

5. Lighting Artist
Last but certainly not least, lighting artists are an essential part of adding that final touch of realism to a scene. Similar to a cinematographer in filmmaking, lighting artists manipulate light to make a scene not only look good but also invoke certain emotions in the player. 

As you can see, the video game industry offers a unique variety of out-of-this-world career opportunities. For more information on a game art degree at RMCAD, please visit our online or on-campus program pages. Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about RMCAD, please fill out our request information form today.


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