RMCAD sophomore shares her journey to interior design


Quinn Bruck, RMCAD sophomore, is working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in interior design with a concentration in sustainable design. From growing up in New York to transferring to RMCAD, she shares her passion for interior design as well as her decision to continue her education.

1. Can you tell me about yourself and your journey to RMCAD?

In 2013, I graduated with my associate degree in liberal arts and social sciences. After my time in college, I spent nearly a decade in film, media, and creative production. Fast forward to 2020, the moment that defined my love for interior design was when my friend’s husband was creating an independent film and asked if I would be interested in being the consulting producer as well as help with props and set pieces. This accumulated into me becoming the official set decorator/designer of scenes. As COVID-19 impacted the industry, I took the time to reflect and consider what I loved about interior design. I loved making mood boards, building out scenes, considering textiles, as well as tackling challenges such as spacial requirements. When I started researching opportunities in the field, it all fell into place that interior design is what I wanted to pursue.

2. How did you find out about RMCAD and why did you decide to transfer?

My sister was moving to Colorado when I started to talk to her about wanting to look at schools to attend and she helped me start my search. I knew I wanted to expand my horizons, which meant leaving New York, even though it is the design capital of the world. RMCAD was really desirable because they are one of the only CIDA-accredited interior design programs in the nation. Also, the relativity of breaking ground in the Denver landscape, considering how much new construction and building is happening, it just felt like a really great place to be.

I transferred to RMCAD at the end of August in 2022. The academic and admissions advisors were incredible. They were with me every step of the way and answered the millions of questions I had, so I would say as long as you are willing to ask the questions, you will get all the answers you want. For me, it was super simple because of my previous college experience, but the admissions advisors made it even easier than I originally thought.

3. Do you have any advice for other students looking to get involved outside of the classroom?

I think that defining your values and finding companies that reflect those values is an important aspect of finding an internship or volunteer opportunity that is right for you. For those in interior design, getting involved with organizations such as the ICAA, ASID, or NEWH is extremely beneficial. You can apply to organizations that have free student memberships and even attend events to show your face and start shaking hands. I’m a true believer that people are the ultimate connector and nobody accomplishes anything alone.

Opportunities such as those allowed me to gain experience in event planning and film production, allowing me to look at space in a completely different way for user compatibility rather than just a production standpoint of what fulfills my creative needs. My final advice for students looking for opportunities outside of the classroom is to check LinkedIn for learning opportunities as online opportunities are great for students.

4. Can you tell me about your decision to return to the classroom and continue your education?

I always thought that life was the greatest teacher and in a lot of ways it is, but I realized that the technical skills needed to pursue interior design professionally requires education in a formal setting. I started researching interior design professionals: who they are, what they are, what their journey was, what schooling they had, and where they currently are in the industry. By the end of my search, I realized that to work on the international scale with institutes in wellness and education, I needed a degree.

In addition to a degree, there really is no network like you get at school. Not only am I getting the technical skills, but by going back to school at RMCAD, I am able to receive a foundation of people that I can rely upon and network with.

5. Is there anything that surprised you when you first transferred to RMCAD?

I was surprised at how much effort RMCAD puts into visiting artists, it is truly incredible to me. Not only do they care about education, but they also show what artists accomplish once they go out into the real world. Another surprise was the number of educational resources RMCAD gives students access to. For example, the academic library catalogs students can view online at their fingertips is a tool that is so helpful as a student. The last thing that surprised me was seeing how nice the faculty, staff, and students were on campus. Everyone is so willing to give you the resources if you are willing to put yourself out there to ask for them.

To learn more about RMCAD’s interior design programs, visit our online and on campus pages. You can also read From intern to interior designer – RMCAD alum lands dream job.


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