A Transfer Student's Guide to Joining RMCAD

A Transfer Student’s Guide to Joining RMCAD

You’ve made the exciting decision to attend RMCAD but you’re unsure of what to do and how to transfer – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We strive to make the process as smooth as possible so you are able to jump right in. Here’s everything you need to know when transferring into RMCAD!

Request copies of your transcript
First and foremost, you will need to request copies of your transcript. Please visit the National Student Clearinghouse or Parchment to submit a transcript request. If the school you previously attended is not listed, please contact that school’s registrar office directly for an official copy of your transcript. You can send the transcripts directly to:

Email: transcripts@rmcad.edu

Fax: (877) 242-0242
Your fax needs to include a cover page with
ATTN: Transcripts and include the sending school’s name and fax number

Snail Mail:
ATTN: Transcripts
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design
1600 Pierce St
Denver, CO 80214

Schedule an appointment
Once you’ve requested your transcript, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a RMCAD admissions counselor to discuss further details about the application and transfer process. To schedule a meeting, please email admissions@rmcad.edu directly or you can fill out a request form on our website.

Complete a RMCAD application
It’s time to officially apply to RMCAD, please complete the RMCAD Admissions Application. On this form, you will provide information on your program of interest and education history.

Apply for scholarships and financial aid
It’s sweet being an artist, but we hope to make it a little sweeter by offering a variety of scholarships for our students to help finance their future. We offer the Best Colorado Scholarship, the Alumni Scholarship and the Student Ambassador Program Grant – just to name a few. To check out the full list of internal and external scholarships, please visit Scholarship Opportunities. To learn more about FAFSA, tuition and fees, and payment plans, please visit our website or contact admissions@rmcad.edu.

Submit your portfolio for review
One of the more fun parts of the transfer process is submitting your portfolio of work! This is your chance to show off your amazing talent. Artwork may include hand drawings, paintings, digital art, photography and more. If you’re applying to the Music Production Program, a portfolio can include any variety of high-quality audio projects or musical pieces. Portfolio content will not affect admission to the college and new students will not be penalized for rudimentary portfolio submissions.

Visit our Portfolio Guidelines for information on creating a Slideroom account to submit your digital portfolio.

Determine if your credits are transferable
Last but not least, it’s important to determine which of your previous credits or classes will be considered for transfer. Your credits will only be considered if they were earned from an institution accredited by our pre-determined accredited association list. If your coursework was completed at a school not accredited by any of the associations listed, you may specifically request for your coursework to be reviewed. Please contact registrar@rmcad.edu for more information.

We are so excited to welcome you to the RMCAD family! For more information on the transfer process, please visit our Transfer Students page. On campus? Be sure to utilize Palette as your one-stop-shop for all financial and RMCAD questions.

Don’t forget to check out our 2022 Open House schedule to visit and tour our campus!


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