Top Five Reasons to Attend RMCAD this Summer

Top Five Reasons to Attend RMCAD This Summer

Summer classes are a great shortcut to graduation, getting you one step closer to launching your creative career! Students such as Truman Phinney share how taking summer classes at RMCAD helped him progress as an artist. Check out his interview below!

There are several benefits to taking on-ground or online classes at RMCAD during summer – let’s take a look at the top five reasons!

1. The ultimate summer experience
With 300 days of sunshine, Denver is the perfect place to enjoy longer, warmer and sunnier days. In Denver, the sun rises early and sets late which gives you more hours of daylight for creating. Not to mention, the golden hour at 8 p.m. is perfect for photographing and drafting still-life projects. The low humidity makes it pleasantly cool in the mornings and at night which makes commuting comfortable. Pro tip: we recommend taking morning classes and planning early study groups to ensure you get your daily dose of sunshine and be home in time to miss the extreme afternoon heat.

2. Events galore
While you are on campus, you can attend all of the great events we have planned for students this summer. RMCAD will be hosting Summer BBQs, a trip to the Denver Zoo and the Denver Botanic Gardens and more! Be sure to stick around to participate in the fun summer events Student Life and our Student Ambassadors have planned. To keep up with all our upcoming events, please visit our events calendar.

3. Keeping your momentum
Staying on track with your studies can be tricky, but did you know, taking one summer class every year can help you graduate on time, or even sooner? Summer classes add up over the course of your degree to help put you ahead or stay on track. We know students sometimes have to take a semester off for different reasons, and taking summer classes is a great way to make up for lost time. In addition, it helps keep you in the school flow, so it isn’t as challenging to return to classes in the fall.

4. Exciting class opportunities
Did you know: some really cool electives are only offered in the summer months? Be sure to contact your academic advisor to see what electives you are eligible for. It’s also common for students to take one of their harder classes during the summer so they can devote more time to the class. In addition, summer can be the perfect time to complete your internship hours.

5. Attend from anywhere!
Are your big summer plans of laying in the sun by the pool keeping you from taking summer classes? Well, we have some good news… online classes make it so that you can study from anywhere! Anywhere you can get wifi that is – sorry, no mountain tops or boats! Also, if your summer plans involve working extra hours or taking care of your kids, RMCAD’s online classes are a great option and can be extremely flexible for busy summers.

Are you convinced yet? If you are ready to stick around for summer at RMCAD, please review your summer schedule and contact your academic advisor to make the appropriate changes.

On campus? Stop by Palette in the Texas building to chat with an academic advisor.


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