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Five reasons you should start utilizing LinkedIn Learning as a student

5 reasons you should start utilizing LinkedIn Learning as a student

As a RMCAD student, resources are always at your fingertips. Whether you are online or on campus, all students not only get access to Adobe and Microsoft software, 24/7 tech support, plus several other added benefits, but they also have access to LinkedIn Learning. This platform is set up as an online learning provider and hosts more than 50,000 tutorials and videos. Ranging from business, to creative, to technology, to certifications – the resource is a hub of knowledge. Let’s learn more about the ways you can benefit from exploring this platform as a student.

1. Expand your knowledge in your field and other disciples.
From graphic design to animation lessons, you can find just about anything within the LinkedIn Learning platform. Not only is it a great resource to refresh your knowledge on a previous class topic, but it’s a fantastic way to learn about a whole new discipline, and therefore increase your knowledge as an artist. There are great benefits from expanding beyond your artistic realm and learning new techniques or skills within another field.

2. Learn business management skills.
As artists, many of you will find yourself looking to start your own business or even join a creative corporation – in either case, there are great opportunities within this online resource to explore business tips and tricks. Do you want to learn more about how to be a leader? How to be a successful business owner? Or even how to complete taxes as a small business owner? LinkedIn Learning is full of knowledge for every business question.

3. Perfect how to present and write about your artwork.
Public speaking or writing isn’t everyone’s forte, but it’s an important skill to master, especially as an artist and entrepreneur. You can search hundreds of lessons to learn how to communicate confidently and concisely. In addition, you can find courses that will help enhance your skills so you can effectively pitch and market your business.

4. Gain knowledge of a new software.
The amazing thing about technology is that it is always evolving, but that said, it also means we constantly need to keep up with new products. If you come across a software, whether it’s one you’ve learned before or just discovered, this platform is a great guide for maneuvering the new interface. Not sure if a product has a course? Give it a quick search or glance back in a few weeks to see if a new lesson has been uploaded.

5. Grow personally and professionally.
Although not a resource for mental health, this platform does provide courses on how to manage stress, avoid burnout and even improve your wellbeing as an employee or a student. In addition, LinkedIn Learning provides several guided discussions on professional development and tips to help you achieve success in your future career.

We hope you have seen the tremendous value LinkedIn Learning serves. If you are ever on-the-go, you can listen to lessons through the mobile app. For additional student resources, please visit the health and wellness center, the SLC or read more stories on the RMCAD blog.


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