Six RMCAD resources that will benefit your online learning experience

Six RMCAD resources that will benefit your online learning experience

We love our online students – they make up more than half of the RMCAD population! We have offered online classes and degrees for more than a decade, so we have had plenty of time to ensure our online students have access to great resources. No matter where in the world you are doing your homework from, you have access to several online resources at your fingertips to help make your online journey as smooth as possible.

1. Digital Resources
Before you purchase any programs or apps, make sure that you check the Campus Resources page to see if RMCAD offers a student discount. Adobe Cloud and Microsoft can be very expensive, so we provide these for our students free of charge. We also give students access to LinkedIn Learning, a service that provides training courses to better prepare you for the workforce.

2. Virtual Counseling
College can be stressful, so RMCAD offers counseling services provided by licensed professionals. Our online counseling services are confidential and free for all RMCAD students. You can see a counselor for managing anything from anxiety and depression to substance abuse or grief. Contact to set up a virtual session or to ask further questions.

3. Techbar
Techbar is RMCAD’s information technology team, available online or on campus. Chat or email with any questions or issues. They can assist with new student set up, like signing into your student accounts for the first time. You can also fill out a project request form or take a look at their tips and tricks for common technology issues.

4. RMCAD Mobile App
The RMCAD Mobile App is an online platform where you can connect with other students. It is a great place for students to ask other students for advice on projects or specific technique questions. You can also use the app to see all upcoming online events as well as check into events. By using the app to check-in, you are able to participate in RMCAD Rewards, a rewards system that offers prizes and swag to students who regularly attend events. For more information on the student app, read Five Reasons Why You Need the RMCAD App!

5. SLC Tutors
Struggling with classwork or feeling unprepared for exams is a normal part of the college experience. Fortunately, RMCAD’s Student Learning Center (SLC) can help you feel prepared for test day. Not only does the SLC offer free online tutoring, they can also review your essays, resume or portfolio.

6. Student Ambassadors
RMCAD Student Ambassadors are excellent resources for both in-person and online students. These students are experts on all things RMCAD and can meet virtually to answer any questions about student life or college resources. Our Student Ambassadors plan and host events for online students regularly, so make sure you keep an eye on the events calendar! If you are interested in becoming an online Student Ambassador, read more about A day in the life of a RMCAD Student Ambassador.

We hope these online resources make your college experience a little smoother, simpler and more fun. Sign up for our blog newsletter to continue to learn more about RMCAD resources. Happy online learning!


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