Altered Paths

Rude Gallery
Photo of a drawing of a scrap of paper opposite a photo of a scrap of paper

Exhibition by Alex Baldoz, Art Education Student

Exhibition Dates: January 16 – February 16, 2018
Rude Gallery
RMCAD Campus: 1600 Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80214
Free and Open to the Public

Artist Statement

I desire a connection with another human being. Whether on purpose or by accident, every connection has the power to alter my path of life. While chaos exists in the fabric of time, chance brings together the corners of the cloth we are cut from. How these connections change me can feel apparent, clear as day. They can also be obscure, hidden in darkness.

In this work, I intend to create a metaphor of human connectivity through use of line drawings and fabric compositions. This series explores both my journey of self-discovery and world curiosity as my path unfolds before me. I continue to change as paths cross in an ever-shifting tapestry.

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