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Disclosure for Professional Licensure Program

RMCAD offers an Art Education, BFA degree program that is approved by the Colorado Department of Education and Colorado Department of Higher Education for initial K-12 teacher licensure in visual arts in the state of Colorado. Students should be aware that all states have specific educational, exam, accreditation and other requirements for teacher licensure.

Students who intend to seek licensure in a state other than Colorado should review the State Licensure Disclosure below. Each state makes the final determination if an individual is eligible for licensure based on the rules and regulations of that state at the time a student applies for licensure. Students are encouraged to review the information published on a state’s website and contact the government entity responsible for licensure in that state with any questions.

Based on RMCAD’s Location Policy, it is the responsibility of the student to notify RMCAD of any address change while enrolled in their degree program.

Professional Licensure Disclosure

The Professional Licensure Disclosure identifies whether the educational requirements for teacher licensure in Colorado meet the requirements for teacher licensure in other states. States may change their rules and regulations at any time and without prior notice. RMCAD will update this disclosure when it determines that its program no longer meets the educational requirements for licensure in a specific state.

Location Policy

RMCAD may only enroll students in its online Art Education, BFA degree program if they are located in Colorado or another state in which the program meets the educational requirements for licensure. RMCAD is therefore required to determine the state in which prospective students are located at the time they apply and intend to start their program. The student location designation will remain in effect unless and until students notify RMCAD that they have moved to another state.

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