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illustrative design student shares his experience as a RMCAD senior

Illustrative design student shares his experience as a RMCAD senior

Antonio Blaine, RMCAD senior, has always had a passion for the arts. As an out-of-state transfer student, it was important Blaine chose a college with a curriculum closely aligned with his interests. Since becoming a student at RMCAD, Blaine has discovered his passion for solving design problems through illustration and has gotten involved as a campus student ambassador. He shares with us his experiences and advice for current and future students at RMCAD.

Why did you decide to transfer to RMCAD?

I transferred to RMCAD in the Fall of 2021 because of the incredible arts community, as well as the school’s strong focus on pushing students to be the best artists possible. When I attended student orientation as a new transfer, it opened my eyes to the community and diversity that existed within the campus. One of the most surprising things about our community is that students come from all different walks of life proving that it’s never too late to become an artist.

What have you enjoyed the most since your time at RMCAD?

One thing I will never forget is my first ever commission. It was a t-shirt design I was working on early this year. I met a client after a networking event who had a friend ask me to design a t-shirt logo for his merchandise. To this day, it is one of the things I am the most proud of. It taught me the importance of putting myself out there and always being on the lookout for opportunities. That said, my advice to students is that if you are waiting for the right opportunity, you might be waiting your whole life. Maybe something happens, maybe it doesn’t, but you have to put yourself in that situation in the first place.

What do you enjoy most about being a student ambassador? Do you have any advice for students looking to become student ambassadors?

My favorite thing about being a student ambassador is the opportunity to connect with current and future students. At the end of the day, the goal is to help students and create a better experience for them. The best traits you can have as a student ambassador are courage, honesty, and the willingness to learn. I encourage anyone interested in growing as an ambassador and student to find unique ways to interact and engage with new students. I strive to provide accurate information for students and parents, but if I don’t have the answers, I’m not afraid to say – “I don’t know, let me get back to you.” Being honest is the best thing you can do in this role.

To learn more about RMCAD’s illustrative design programs, visit our online and on-campus pages, and to learn more about becoming a student ambassador, please visit here. To get an in-depth look into the benefits of transferring to an art school, read Five ways art school is different from a traditional college.

Blaine's first t-shirt commission
T-shirt commission (Blaine, 2023)

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