Six RMCAD resources parents should know about for their soon-to-be college freshman

Six RMCAD resources parents should know about for their soon-to-be college freshman

It’s official, your child is going to be starting their freshman year at RMCAD! Although super exciting, this transition can also be stressful for the whole family, so we’re here to help make the process as smooth as possible. As your child embarks on this next chapter, take a closer look at these six helpful campus resources.

1. Housing guide and roommate finder
During the months leading up to your child’s first day of school, it can be important to not only work closely with admissions and financial aid, but also to get your child’s living situations in order. Although we do not offer on-campus housing, there are various housing options available through third-party vendors. If your child will be moving from out of state, we recommend utilizing our housing guide, which highlights prime Denver locations where other students live. We also help connect students with potential roommates through our Facebook page. This group is also a great way for your student to connect with other classmates.

2. Campus cafe
There’s no need to worry about your child forgetting to pack lunch, RMCAD’s campus has a cafe for all of your child’s food needs located in the basement of the Texas Building. The Rose Cottage Cafe is open during RMCAD’s regular school hours and serves everything from lattes, to breakfast sandwiches, burgers and salads, all catered by Alex’s Deli. Did you know: “rose cottage” is actually a code name for a morgue? When the RMCAD campus was a hospital more than 100 years ago, the morgue was housed in the Texas Building. Read more about the campus’ history!

3. Free shuttle and parking
If your child ends up choosing to live at Assembly, RMCAD does offer a shuttle service to-and-from campus. Running throughout the school day, the shuttle is a great resource for students and makes commuting to campus very convenient. If your child is living in a different location and doesn’t have the shuttle option available, RMCAD does offer free campus parking and free RTD passes for Denver’s public transportation system. Students must pick up their RTD College Pass from the TechBar to access RTD services using the College Pass program.

4. No appointment required resource center
In RMCAD’s Texas Building on the main floor, the Palette is a one-stop campus resource center for students who may have questions regarding their classes, schedule, tuition or payments. The center is open Monday-Friday 9-5 pm and students are not required to make appointments, walk-ins are encouraged and welcomed. If your child has any questions as they start their RMCAD journey, we recommend you remind them of this remarkable resource.

5. One-on-one counseling
As your child starts their college journey and may be away from home for the first time, being aware of RMCAD’s counseling services can be crucial. Personal counseling services provided by a licensed professional counselor are available for currently enrolled students on campus and online. Counseling is private and free of charge. If your child is interested in inquiring about counseling, please make an appointment at 303-225-8573 or

6. Technology support and equipment checkout
When technology questions arise, we recommend reminding your child to utilize TechBar. This team of experts help students troubleshoot issues happening on both personal or campus computers. In addition to being available to answer questions regularly in the Texas Building, students have the unique opportunity to check out professional equipment to use for their classes, helping students avoid any extra out of pocket expenses for class projects and assignments.

We hope these resources have provided the additional knowledge you need to feel confident about your child having a successful freshman year!


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