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Behind the lens: Cinematography at RMCAD
April 7, 2022

Behind the lens: Cinematography at RMCAD

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Movement, light and shadows – oh my! Cinematography is the art of combining all of this and more into a thoughtful composition to convey emotion and add narrative. At RMCAD, we believe a video camera all by itself doesn’t make a...

July 30, 2019

Why photographers should learn how to draw

Blog, Photography

Chair of Graphic Design and Photography, James Reiman has been in the RMCAD family since 2013 where he started as an adjunct professor. The Washington native has a very diverse background in both fine arts and commercial work, bringing...

April 4, 2019

Five Reasons to Spend Summer With RMCAD

Blog, Fine Arts, Game Art, Graduation, Graphic Design, Guest Speaker, Illustration Work, Interior Design, Photography

Summer school gets a bad rap. In fact, for many RMCAD students, summer is the best time to be on campus (or online). There are a ton of benefits to continuing school during the summer terms, from enjoying student activities, to...

March 18, 2019

Here are The 56th Annual Student Exhibition Winners

Animation, Blog, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Game Art, Graphic Design, Illustration Work, Interior Design, Photography

Over 60 pieces of art adorned the walls of Philip J. Steele Gallery for the 56th Annual Student Exhibition opening reception on March 8, 2019. The time-honored tradition brings students, faculty, staff and community members together...

A photographer and subject in a studio opposite an artist drawing on a tablet
February 6, 2019

Inside RMCAD’s Living Gallery

Blog, Graphic Design, Illustration Work, Interior Design, Photography

During the month of January, Philip J. Steele Gallery became a working studio space for four RMCAD faculty members. From January 17 – 31, James Reiman, Scott Wakefield, Jessica Elliott, and Bruce Mackh became a part of the...


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