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An Easy Transition.

A Better Future.

It's never too late to ensure your future is exactly what you want it to be.

If the world of art and design is your destiny, ensure that you’re taking all the right steps to fulfill it. Applying to RMCAD just may be the best place to start. Not every RMCAD student begins straight out of high school. In fact, about one-third of our students come to us with some college experience. If you’re considering transferring, we want to make that transition a positive and smooth one. 

Transfer Check List

  • Request copies of your official college transcript
  • Schedule an appointment with an Admissions Counselor
  • Complete a RMCAD application
  • Apply for available scholarships and financial aid
  • Submit your portfolio for review by our knowledgeable staff

RMCAD acknowledges that students enter college with varying degrees of art experience, and that some applicants may not have a current or traditional portfolio. Applicants without one are still encouraged to apply to RMCAD; but for those applicants that do have one, contact Admissions for further instructions.

Transfer Credit Guide

If you find that RMCAD is exactly what you’ve been looking for, you’ll want to see how your current credits transfer, determine your finances, and apply. This is where our Admissions Counselors come in. As your liaison to the RMCAD community, they’ll guide you in your application process, ensuring a seamless transition. From working with the Registrar to evaluate your previous transcripts, to discussing your financial aid and scholarship options, they’re here to help you every step of the way. 

Transferring from a Colorado Community College? Be sure to read through our Colorado Community College Transfer Guide and Admissions Acceptance Agreement.

Notes from the Registrar

As you consider transferring to RMCAD, please keep in mind:

  • Studio elective credits that can be transferred are limited based on your area of study (for most programs, a maximum of 12 credits will be accepted)
  • A maximum of 60 credits can be earned from sources other than RMCAD coursework
  • The last 15 credits of your degree program must be taken at RMCAD
  • We only accept college-level courses (numbered at least 100)
  • Only courses completed with a grade of “C” or better will be considered for credit
  • Grades from external credit are not factored into your RMCAD GPA
  • We only accept credits from institutions accredited by NASAD, CIDA (only applicable to interior design programs), HLC or any of the other five regional accrediting associates
  • However, we may award credit based on portfolio work at our discretion

Antiquity Policy

There are no antiquity limitations on courses that are deemed equivalent to lower division (1000/2000 level) RMCAD art and design courses. Digital media and other computer- or technology-based courses are considered for transfer provided they were completed within the last two years.

Associates of Arts Degree Transfers

Students who have received an Associate of Arts degree from a regionally accredited college or university in the US automatically receive credit for all liberal arts requirements except for AH1010 Art + Design History I, AH1020 Art + Design History II, and AH2010 History of Art + Design in the Non-Western World.

Official Transcript Evaluation

Figuring out which classes will transfer can be tricky, which is why having a transcript evaluation is so important. Click here to submit your transcripts for evaluation by one of our Admissions Counselors.

Students who apply less than one month before the beginning of the term are considered late applicants. If you are a late applicant, you may save time by submitting unofficial transcripts with your application. Make sure to include both sides of all documents.

If you send unofficial transcripts, you'll still need to arrange for our admissions office to receive official documents during your first term. We cannot grant transfer credits or allow you to register for additional terms until we've evaluated your official transcripts. If you enroll for a class that turns out to be transferable from a prior institution at a later date, you will not receive a refund. 

Current RMCAD students who are also taking courses at another institution and would like to transfer those credits to RMCAD should submit official transcripts with final grades to the Registrar's office as soon as they become available. Official transcripts are due no later than one term after completion of the course.